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Hear about some exciting new research projects that will shape our future!


At Precious Plastic Monash (PPM), our goal is to develop creative and innovative solutions to tackle plastic pollution. We are constantly working on improving our machines and developing our research in order to find new environmentally friendly alternatives for plastic.


In 2018 PPM built an Integration Unit (IU), which combined four open source machine designs into a single transportable and compact plastic recycling factory. Since then PPM have used the IU to create unique products (including an electric guitar), educate the public at events (such as the Royal Melbourne Show) and research new techniques for plastic recycling.

The team currently has 45 members, across the following divisions: Product, TRND (Technical Research and Development, Outreach and Engagement, Marketing and Operations. Precious Plastic Monash is proud to contribute to tackling a topical and significant issue in plastic pollution. Learn more about our projects by visiting

Instagram: @preciousplasticmonash

Facebook: @preciousplasticmonash

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Nova Rover are a multi-disciplinary student team building the next generation of Mars rovers. Established in 2017, we have competed twice in the University Rover Challenge at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, USA.

We're the only team in the southern hemisphere to make this accomplishment - and we're just getting started.


Nova Rover Team aim to lead student innovation and involvement within the Australian space sector on a global stage, and foster younger generation enthusiasm and engagement with STEM technologies. We are comprised of undergraduate and postgraduate students from nearly all disciplines of engineering, science, IT, business, design, arts, commerce and more. Our team represents the emerging space industry within Australia and upskills and prepares our members for working on space projects around the world.

Despite only just being established, our members and graduates are already getting involved in the space industry - interning at NASA or building rockets at Gilmour Space Technologies in Queensland. We are always after passionate and dedicated individuals to join us on our journey and help build our Mars rover. Technical skills are not always necessary, and as long as you have the willingness to learn, we will teach you all the skills needed thrive on the team.

Nova Rover prides itself on being and inclusive and diverse team, and individuals from all backgrounds are welcome to apply when applications become live on our website and social media pages below:

Instagram: @nova_rover_team

Facebook: @novaroverteam

Twitter: @nova_rover_team

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CURIE Research Fellows

Students from Monash University have developed an innovative research project looking at the experiences of children with autism in hospital emergency departments. Their project, ‘Supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australian Emergency Departments’ has sought to address the concerning statistics about rates of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in emergency departments by looking into the support needed for such children.


Rowan Page

Rowan is the designer of the Cochlear Battery Charger and continues to work on new medical devices. He also lectures in Industrial Design from Monash University’s own Art, Design and Architecture faculty, with a research focus on co-design, digital fabrication and interdisciplinary design projects.