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Today’s people and tomorrow’s profit makes your power.


Explore the challenges and opportunities that the uncertain and exciting future may pose, and how the skills and experiences across multiple disciplines can be leveraged to make Australia and the world a better place.

Collaborate with the bright minds of Melbourne and get inspired to take the first step in creating change - become a part of our generation’s bright and ambitious future thinkers and leaders.

📅 August 31 📍 Monash University



Our world, our society, our communities, are defined by the people within them. We want to address the current issues affecting individuals on a large scale - overpopulation, mental health, culture and religion. What can we do to improve quality of life in these areas?



We often see a conflict between achieving higher profits and benefiting the populace. We’ve become more aware of issues surrounding mental health and flexible working conditions, and companies are faced with the challenge between high return on investment and maintaining work effort. Where is the middle ground?



Politics, control, power. We want to delve deeper into the nature of control, and the way in which it influences world events concerning political war and governance. How much power does public opinion hold in these complex issues, and how can we create a future of equal opportunity and positive impact?