Monash Future Thinkers 2019 Recruitment

How will our society look in the future? What will drive economic growth, and how do we educate young people for the jobs of the future? Will technology connect or control our lives? How do we design cities and spaces for people? Where do we get the resources and infrastructure to support a larger global population? Is there a better way to deliver healthcare?

Monash Future Thinkers is about generating change through interdisciplinary conversations about our shared future. In 2016 and 2018 we held interdisciplinary conferences attracting hundreds of attendees from across Australia with the support of Monash University. Now we would like to invite you to help influence and generate more conversations in 2019!

History shows us that the most innovative and game-changing ideas don’t come out of discrete disciplinary silos; we’re at our best when we collaborate and harness a plurality of problem-solving approaches. That’s why we’re recruiting from all faculties and year levels.

Applications close at 5 pm on 15th March 2019.