Edward Cliff


Recently returned from the University of Oxford, where he completed honours in pancreatic electrophysiology, Eddie is a final year medical student with interests in policy, public health, research and leadership. Currently a Research Scholar for TEDMED, Eddie co-founded education company Connect Education at age 18 and was on the National Executive of the Australian Medical Students’ Association. Eddie is a passionate advocate for critical policy discussion and believes that we need to talk more about the future in politics, the media and at university. Eddie spends far too much time playing classical music, not enough time running and just the right amount reading The New Yorker.


James Wong


James is passionate about seeing business used as a vehicle to drive change, having co-founded Zana Consulting in Tanzania and the pro bono Impetus Consulting Group in Australia. He has previously advised World Vision Australia on community engagement, presented on urban economics at a conference in Morocco, participated in public debates for the Economics Student Society of Australia, and served as President of Amnesty Monash. James’ claim to fame is that his photo appears on the front page of the website of a university in South Africa.


Shuxi Wang


Currently in her third year of Biomedical Sciences and Law, Shuxi is an Associate Consultant at Impetus Consulting Group and has been involved in the Monash Law Students’ Society. Shuxi is interested in the STEM startup scene; the interface between law, ethics, and economics, and generating social impact. In her spare time, Shuxi also enjoys scouting art exhibitions, long blacks, and trying to out-do other pun-ters.


Edwin Anderson


Edwin studies Law and Aerospace Engineering at Monash, with interests in energy, technology and social justice. Currently the National Media Coordinator at Australian Youth Aerospace Australia, Edwin is proud to be involved in both Engineering and Law student societies. He has written reports for the government of Papua New Guinea, is currently working at a legal startup and looks forward to studying at the University of Hong Kong later this year. Otherwise, he’ll be riding bikes in lycra, playing jazz, or skiing in winter.


Daniel D’Hotman


Daniel is a medical student who recently completed honours at the University of Oxford, researching the ethics of drug policy. An Executive Board member and writer for The Doctus Project, Daniel is a keen member of the Effective Altruism movement. With an interest in the intersection between ethics, economics and technology, he believes that Australia’s greatest challenge this century will be how we adapt to the exciting field of artificial intelligence in a way that is equitable, safe and effective.